April 19, 2024

9:00 am-12:30 pm CST - LIVE Webinar

3 CE Hours



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ACEP NO. 7323

This presentation focuses on the sexual development of children and adolescents and seeks to educate participants on healthy versus unhealthy sexual expression within childhood and adolescence. As mental health providers who work with children and adolescents it is imperative that we understand the nuanced development of sexual behaviors from birth to adulthood. Participants will discuss appropriate ways to address these concerns as well as how to empower the families they serve.

Multicultural and historical considerations will also be presented with an emphasis on how clinicians can support their clients of color. Participants will delve into the history of White Supremacy, Religion,  the creation of the concept of “childhood innocence” as well as ways in which Capitalism commodifies and exploits childhood sexuality, 

Participants will be able to:

  • Summarize the history and development of the construct of childhood innocence through the sociological lens of examining tenets of white supremacy, religion and capitalism 
  • Compare healthy versus unhealthy sexual behaviors among children & adolescents.

  • Articulate the significance of ‘family sexuality’ as it relates to childhood sexual behaviors 

  • Apply multicultural considerations to sexual behaviors in children of color with an emphasis on how to support Black families

  • Implement appropriate and therapeutically sound interventions to address both healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviors.



Monet David is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works in private practice serving clients aged 13 years and up. She has completed 170 hours of continuing education in sex education. She is a 2016 graduate of the ULL Counselor Education program. She has experience serving the community by providing in-home family counseling, as well as working with chronic mentally ill adults in an outpatient setting and most recently provided clinical assessments for children receiving mental health services. Monet also serves on the Pride Acadiana planning committee and is a founding member of the Acadiana Queer Collective.




"This was honestly one of my favorite CEUs I've attended lately. The content was relevant to the modern days issues present in parenting and working with children. Monet did a great job of objectifying it into a more clinical approach which will give us added professionalism and confidence in working with families in these situations."
Stephanie H.
“Monet was a clear, concise, well-researched presenter who exhibited both a deep understanding and passion for the work she was presenting. This was easily one of the best seminars I've had the privilege of attending. The material presented was well-organized and walked through foundational knowledge, as well as the practical, and sometimes difficult, application within a realistic framework.”
Zach H.
“This presentation has been so helpful! I’m so grateful to be present!”
Melissa C.